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    Life is traveling at the speed of light. It seems our calendars are packed with more and more “important” events, appointments and commitments. We are all in a hurry to go somewhere, fast. Right now a businessman is frantically drinking a second cup of coffee as he races to his next appointment, while a soccer mom is speeding across town to make it to a dance recital, a soccer game and a baseball practice.

    In idle moments, we text, twitter and update our Facebook status while listening to music we just downloaded to our smart phones. We record TV shows with a DVR so we can quickly watch them later and speed through the “slow” sections and commercials. We even pace in front of the microwave as we impatiently wait for our instant meal to heat. In our hurry to go somewhere and do more, we miss too much.

    Beauty is all around us and God, in His wisdom, has given many reasons to, pause, smile, take a deep breath and appreciate this beauty. Unfortunately, in our constant rush and over committed schedules we pass right by incredible moments.

    This site is an attempt to embrace this beauty, occasionally capture it in photographs and encourage others to slow down a bit and discover blessings previously missed. I’m a business man with a full schedule but my camera is with me all the time. As I see something that makes me smile, I stop and snap a few shots. These photos and this site are devoted to "discovering life Between Appointments”.

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New Photos and a New Gallery

My appointments have kept me busy lately and have prevented me from updating my site but I’ve still been taking photos.   A number of photos and a new gallery have been added.   I hope you enjoy them.   Be blessed and remember to discover life between appointments.

New Benicia Mugs are now available.

New coffee mugs ($12) with scenes of Benicia are now available.   Photos of the mugs are available in the gallery section of the website.  If you are interested, they will be available at the Benicia Main Street Store, or email us at [email protected] to purchase them direct.