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Random journal thoughts from the past: Page 3

That look: I love the way dogs look at you when you ask them a question. They just sort of turn their head to side, perk up their ears and have a puzzled look on their face. I think I am going to start trying that when clients ask me stupid questions. No response, just turn my head and look at
them puzzled.

Tennis breakfast, Senior Style: A buddy told me this, this morning and it made me laugh, “Breakfast of Champions – Senior Tennis League style” a high fiber bar and an advil.

Stuff: A loved one passed away recently.  We had a garage sale to sell off many of her things. Has me thinking about what I will leave behind: Tons of “stuff’ my kids will sell (or maybe cherish) and the impact (good or bad) I will have on  the people I have touched. I guess the question is not if we will leave a legacy but what the legacy will look like. A bit sobering….. 

Friends: 50% of my friends are above average.

Hazardous walking: In the middle of the night 20+ years ago, I would trip on GI Joes and be impaled by legos left on the floor by my kids.  Since then, my children have grown up and moved on but my floors are just as hazardous. Now, we put away Jack’s (my dog) toys but he takes them right back out… Nothing surprises me more at 2:00 AM than stepping on squeaky, slobbery, half-eaten chew toy. I guess the more things change more things stay the same.

Daddy: Just looking at one of my daughter’s Facebook posts. Don’t think I will ever be too old to enjoy being called “daddy” by my daughter. Feeling blessed this morning to have 3 wonderful kids that make me smile.

Keys: Looking at my key ring, there at least three keys that I have no idea what they open. Afraid to throw them out because I may need them some day.

Contentment: Played tennis tonight. The whole time I played, a little kid contently played in the dirt next to the court. Seems life has gotten a
little more complicated as I’ve gotten older. I think I have an idea for a new bumper sticker: Happiness is a new Tonka truck.




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