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Random journal thoughts from the past: Page 2

Moms: Tears you’ve shed and tears you’ve wiped away. Prayers you’ve prayed and prayers you’ve answered. We’ve learned from what you said and we learned from what you did. Warm cookies, cold milk.  A home not a house. You’ve sacrificed your time, your money and your bodies. For all you do…..Thank You!

Counting my blessings: Feeling thankful tonight for simple blessings:  the smell of fresh cut grass, the taste of a hot fudge sundae, the warmth of the sun on your face, laughter, smell of cookies in the oven, smell & sounds of the ocean, warm soup on a cold day, sunsets, a great night sleep.

Fashion: Just thinking: Fashion trends have changed a million times in my life. I can’t wait for time when being middle aged, overweight, with graying and receding hair is the “IN” thing. When that day comes, I have the look nailed………

Pleasant surprise: Yesterday was a long, emotional day, saying goodbye to a dear friend. She was loved by many and the church was packed for the funeral.  At the end of the day, my emotional and physical tank was empty. Back at the hotel, I opened up my suitcase and buried in my stuff was one of Jack’s tennis balls. Jack had tried to play with me when I was packing but I was too busy.  Still exhausted I smiled and went to bed.

Enjoying my walk: Walked and observed with my dog Jack tonight at the State Park. People that made me smile: A young boy in body armor learning to ride a bike with his parents. A young couple slowly strolling in new found love. An overweight man power walking in brand new athletic shoes while vigorously swinging his hand weights. An older couple married for probably 50 years walking, talking and still holding hands. A middle-aged lady walking with a latte in her hand and her iPod in her ears. Two teen girls laughing, walking and texting all at the same time.  Bikers in Neon outfits flying by at lightspeed. Meanwhile Jack and I just kept walking and enjoying all of the experiences of the evening.

Differences between men and women: Learned a few things while driving my wife’s car the past few days: 1) My key ring…just keys.  Hers…keys and a bunch of other non-macho things that are too big to hide in my pocket. 2) My wife has only two stations set on her radio. Me? All 18 stations are set and I still get bored.

Ninja squirrels: I think the squirrels in my backyard have ninja training. Their acrobatics to overcome my bird feeder defenses are truly
amazing. I swear one mockingly stared me down before propelling himself from the lemon tree onto the lawn and then over the defensive cone up the pole and firmly onto the bird feeder.  Amazing.

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