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Random thoughts from the past: Page 4

Crazy: To paraphrase a friend from yesterday, if you have someone in your life that is driving you crazy, God is trying to teach you something. If you don’t have someone in your life driving you nuts then YOU are probably the crazy person that God is using to grow someone else.

Just wondering: Getting some things done tonight while listening to Andrea Bocelli. Really don’t understand a word he is singing. I sometimes
wonder if we are all being fooled and he is singing about kicking his dog or that maybe he is really singing explicit RAP lyrics.

Peanut butter: Sometimes the answer to all of life’s problems is peanut butter or ice cream so tonight I am choosing peanut butter flavored ice cream. Tomorrow, I move on.

Athletic Insanity: I’ve played tennis early the past two mornings. It’s been very cold. The temperature has been in the mid 30’s. Driving down to the courts, I see the same people jogging each morning. Think to myself, what kind of an idiot leaves a perfectly warm house to work out and jog at 7:30 AM.  Still thinking about the insanity of others, I put on my sweatshirt, grab my tennis stuff and step out of my warm car into the cold. 

Empty Nest: The house is empty again. My babies are no longer babies, they are wonderful adults. Since the beginning of time parents have released their kids and let them grow up. Past generations survived, I guess I will too.

Brownies: My daughter came home for the weekend with some friends from college. My wife made a big dish of brownies. Everyone is eating the edges and leaving the soft gooey goodness in the middle. Seems I am in the minority. I like the middle and I don’t like the crunchy edges.  Guess if world can’t agree about the best part of a brownie, we have no chance of solving the national debt crisis.

Quiet defined: Had a tough day today and decided to look up the definition of the word quiet: No disturbing sound….free from noise…free from disturbance…….being at rest…..refraining or free from activity……not turbulent….peaceful…… moving very gently…… from disturbing thoughts and emotions………..Sometimes life is really tough and sometimes the best night is just a “quiet” night. 

Bandages: Little frustrated this morning.  Went to the cabinet looking for a band-aid.  In the cabinet there were at least 5 boxes of band-aids, with at least 1,000 bandages in each box but none of them are usable for anything. Seems like each box only has 3 band-aids that fit around my finger.  Not sure what the rest of them do or why they make them.


 Bells: I spend a lot of time with a buddy who is training his puppy to ring a bell on the door when he needs to go outside and take care of
business.  I just walked by a Salvation Army volunteer ringing his bell……. all of a sudden I needed to find a restroom.

White lights: You can put white twinkling lights on just about anything and it looks great at night. Add a little rain to reflect the light and it gets
even better.

Holiday Foods: I’m feeling better about myself today. After what seems like months of every type of cookie, See’s candies, and Christmas party
appetizers, I opened up our stuffed fridge to find “low fat eggnog”.That’s it! Low fat eggnog is going to save the day.  See you next week at Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig.

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