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Rainy day in traffic: Pouring down rain and stuck in San Francisco traffic. Look at the car next to me and there is a huge Great Dane in the back of a Mini Cooper. He is so big I’m not sure how he gets in and out of the car.  I can tell by the expression on his face that the dog is loving life. He doesn’t care about the rain because somebody else is driving. Maybe we should all relax and enjoy the ride. 🙂

Routine life:  Normal and routine are words used to describe our lives.   Most of the time the words have negative implications. However, in one day our lives can be changed forever. Then we must adjust to a NEW normal, a NEW routine and a life we never imagined. Today, I am thankful for my routine, sometimes boring life.  MY “humpday” is only about a Wednesday. I pray for those whose “hump day” has a completely different meaning.

Energize Me!! In the shower this morning and my bar of soap is gone. I look around and see my wife’s “Energizing” Citrus body wash. Hmmm, maybe I’ve been short changing myself. Who doesn’t want to be energized? Fully energized, I could reduce my consumption of coffee, run faster, jump higher, lose weight and achieve all my personal & professional goals. Forget the soap, ENERGIZE ME!

Family:Took my daughter to the airport recently.  My baby girl is traveling to Costa Rica to study abroad.  Mixed emotions but hoping/praying she will have the time of her life. As I hugged this beautiful young lady goodbye I realized again she will never stop being my little girl.

Simple Pleasure:Nothing better on a hot summer day than cold, sweet watermelon.

A night in October: Nobody ‘s home, incredibly warm evening, windows are open throughout the house, book in my hands, Jack at my side sound asleep and the only sound I hear is crickets, lots of crickets……perfect……just perfect.

Music Always amazing to me how music can transplant you back to another place and time.   Heard the Beach Boys, “All Summer Long” today As I heard the song I remembered the song was playing in my ’66 Mustang as I was driving home from my High School graduation.  Great memory. Always loved this song, loved the simplicity of the third & fourth lines: “T-shirts, cut-offs & apair of thongs, We’ve been having fun all summer long”.

Beautiful Noise: The living room is loud with sounds from my daughter and her college roommates. I am clearly outnumbered and happy to be sequestered in my office. Laughter is the sound of life.

Temptation: I see a sign for nonfat, sugarfree yogurt. I go inside and find the chocolate, sugarfree, nonfat, soft serve goodness. I make a small bowl and feel great. I head to the counter. In the corner of my eye, I see….uh-oh….no it can’t be….please nooo…a dispensor of hot peanut
butter. Won’t give any details, but when I paid for my yogurt, it was neither sugarfree or fatfree. The struggle continues…

Inequity: Sitting in Taco Bell eating a fresco style chicken taco (no cheese or anything else good) because I’m trying take the “fat” part out of the “middle aged fat guy”. Two young men sit next to me with nine, (yes I counted) tacos each. Not only did they plow through them, they both look like they could be in GQ. Sometimes life is not fair.

 Women: I think women make up words to confuse men. Example: As I am getting into the shower with my bar soap and wash rag my wife asks me why I don’t use the blue puff thing and “exfoliate”. What? Am sure you will never hear that word in a men’s locker room.

Fluffy tail: Been working outside in the yard. Squirrels keep running along the fence and jumping into the trees. Amazing, put a fluffy tail on a rat and it’s no longer disgusting, it’s adorable.





Dennis JamesNovember 27, 2011 - 2:16 am

My favorite photo is number 1.

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